[Fsf-friends] On National Conference on Free Software at Kochi

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Tue Nov 18 11:28:32 IST 2008

yes rebel voices should be never supressed...in fact they have shown the
way in history..
agreed  this was within the family...and hence somebody took the liberty
to protest .. rather than in a private conference elsewhere
however cheap publicity should be looked down .. rebels have
historically been very  responsible people......that is the part which
is in question right now...rebels try resolution before confrontation
and sure no body can get away - all of us our saying 'BOYCOTT NOVELL"  -
however we need to work with some of them like the IEEE , the gentleman
who came with Arun the other day, who has done a lot for free software (
sorry sir once again ) - and have a democratic way of protesting too 
i suggest we have a protest/grafitti stall from now on in our
programmes.......where all of us can criticise fsf-india, any political
party which is supporting free software and so on - but when this
happens without responsibility - then we have to have these unfortunate
posts - which makes me very sad - especially when folks are putting
their heart and sould into this work 

Here, a wrong has been committed by (a) humiliating an individual who
protests against a non-free incursion inside a Free Software conference
and disseminates non-free ideology and (b) protecting the non-free
intruder to display their non-free trickery without objections. Novell
has succeeded in driving the wedge, inflicting a kind of perfect damage
to a contributors' community and getting away scot-free.

CK Raju

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