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Rahul Computerwala devilsadvocate4free at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 11:24:20 IST 2008

Dear All,

 Again a personal note, nothing related to FSF India(expect last para).

> Though I expressed solidarity immediately i knew of this. I need a

> clarification. 'Novell' signs were put up in the venue earlier. Dr

> was on the dias.

FSF India or FSF has any untouchability to Novell as far as we know.

Dr Nagarjuna was invited for a program and he spoke. I was invited,

I participated.

Even if Microsoft gives us a slot we will go and speak.

There is no issue in that.

I hope this answers your question.

*On ARUN's Statement *

* ok now comes the bigger picture. if arun says he ll go and talk in
Microsoft platform y nt use NOVELL's money in Free software convention. they
dint spread any NOVELL's ideology so y not use their money for our movement.

* i mean this statement was only to reply for wat ARUn said in the above
mail. If they do use Microsoft platform if its available then why so much
HALLA to show. Thats why i said was it only for personal gain. Is arun
supporting wat Anivar did in Undemocratic way. I dont y people do Double
standards. why cant they have clear picture. ths means all they are trying
to is selfish and has very little reason. this wat concerns me most and dont
like these people saying carriers of non monopolistic flame. I PITY THEM.  *

* *

  > Did Anivar inform you folks earlier itself..which could have sorted out

> things peacefully or only things were informed after confrontation.

I hope Anivar will respond to this. I would add that protest was completely

peaceful expect  for treatment Anivar and some students received.

*ya the protest was completely peaceful except that he was putting up
posters forecfully and wanted to gain mileage out of it. so if this is ok
then i dont no wat is not good. i hope forcefully putting having no problem
means manhandling shouldnt be condemned as they are doing now.*

> However I did  see in the venue  and in slashdot that very senior free

> software foudation folks act without restraint and like any regular flamer

> which is unfortunate.

If you are referring to James, he is an employee of FSF India and he does

have any capacity to talk on behalf of FSF India. So dont try to take put

that in FSF India's name.

Each member of FSF India board may have their own opinion. That can not

become FSF India's opinion unless FSF India board approves it.

I dont see any point in dragging FSF India into this discussion.

FSF India was not part of the conference though some board members

in the event. Our participation is no way an endorsement to the conference.

FSF India do have its own stand on the conference. Please note that

this has nothing

to do with what happened.

with regards,


*As i see if some political party members are being of accused of hijacking
only cos they support free software movement then there should be no problem
in these statements. thats why i suggest people not to be speaking in DOUBLE
STANDARDS. be open. adjust to everyone coming along ur way in support. dont
shoo away people from this great movement by these speak.*

* *

*  All i again say is dont support vested interests.  one or two
trivandrum  people in FSF-India seem to want accolades only for them and not
for the co n tributions from every free software activists  - including
others in FSF  .  they are trying to say that they are the most 'orthodox'
free software tribe in the country - they are purposefully confusing the
rest of the community - they can believe that they are the most orthodox -
shudh ghee - but they need not come and create a scene everywhere - let them
work *

*  *


* *

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