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Subject: [ATPS] My views on the Anivar incident.

I too am sorry for man handling Anivar, 'the spoke-person of free software
movement'. But an anti-democrat has crept in him. May be due to emotional
upsurge. When he tried upon the freedom of others they too reciprocated.
This is what I could understand. Trespassing the limits of democratic
rights, pasting posters inside the private property of another as also
manhandling was not correct. Both should have been avoided.

Then, the question of name of the conference. Both the names 'National
conference on free software', the name given by the organisers as also
Conference on NON-FREE SOFTWARE' the name given by the supporters of Anivar
'the spoke-person of free software movement' are meaningful and reflect the
content of the conference. Non-free software also were exhibited. Those who
use non-free software also were present. We invited every body because the
conference was meant for promoting the use of free software. Unless they
come how can we interact with them. It was not a meeting of users of free
software to chalk out their program. It was the meeting of all who used,
started using in the past, start using now and will use in future. So we
called every body. Some came. Many did not come as they were using non free
software. The stand taken by Anivar, 'the spoke-person of swathanthra
software' is meant to drive away those who wants to come to the fold of free
software movement. How will those people be attracted to the movement.
Anivar has to review his fundamentalist stance.

He should ponder over this issue in its depth. At least in Kerala, one of
the major hurdles for the advancement of free software movement during the
past 10 years is the fundamentalist stands taken by the self proclaimed
spokespersons of swathanthra software, including FSF-India. They seems to be
of the view that software was freed by them, that FSF liberated software all
over the world, FSF-India did it in India and Anivar Aravind did it in
Kerala. They should know that software was free earlier. Most of them are
free even today. But still mass of the people could not use them due to
other deprivations. Socially owned Software was appropriated by few and
declared them proprietary. The greatness of FSF lies in the fact that it
framed the legal frame work to prevent further appropriation of that created
in social domain. The FSF-India is using its name and preventing the growth
of free software movement by its company form of structure. This company
structure is helpful for the purpose FSF was formed, to sustain the legal
frame work. But it is a hurdle for a mass movement. At least in India,
FSF-India is preventing the spread of the ideals of FSF and the free
software movement.

SMC is a very good collaborative effort. It has enriched Malayalam. Anivar
is not alone in it. Anivar is a gentleman in many respects. Young. Better if
he has a bit more historic sense and able to understand the crooked ones. My
request to Anivar is to try not to be the tool in the hands of FSF-India. He
has to shirk off the dependence due to his earlier employment with

With warm greetings.

               Joseph Thomas,
         thomasatps at gmail.com,

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