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Whole world is today learning many lessons from Free Softwares Movement
even though that was not the intention.

Many are using free softwares for their own needs which was intended .

People have learnt a lot from history and may look back some times what
has happened.

Free Software Movement is not the solution for all the problems or for
every body's every kind of problem. 

Free Software Movement addresses very few problems of our Free Society.
It cant address every problem of Free Society.

The day people realize that programming is an art and programmers
(contributors ) have the urge to program ( contribute )  irrespective of
benefits from those and 

The day people realize that the way currently people are considering
free softwares and free software movement is not the way many ( from the
initiators of FSM )would have expected . 
>> could be true.. metamorphisis for some or degrading ( quality -
quantity - mass based - radical ) :  according to some  could be
there..but we could work in both these ways at peace..where the mind is
without fear and see what works out on field...and thats why i am saying
these 'hijack' mails are un called for ... a true movement always
succeeds .. staged managed stuff always withers away...............

Definitely the day in which people go back to their home after their
jobs and write programs which satisfies their needs is the day where
people will get answers for all their questions abt why Free Software
Movement was initiated till then those who have strong determination to
wait and see and experience can wait otherwise they have their freedom
to draw their own conclusions --- 

Time will teach every body what they wanted to learn at least this is
true in case of Free Software Movement

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