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renuka prasad renukaprasadb at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 14:47:46 IST 2008

Corporate patrons affiliate themselves with the FSF and the GNU project
through financial support. The FSF does not endorse the activities of its
corporate patrons...........

what do corporates get out of supporting ?

Corporations show their support for the community and the mission of the FSF
by giving financial help. Many of our Patrons come to the FSF because their
employees ask them to recognize our work. At FSF, we recognize and
appreciate our corporate patrons in a variety of ways. .........


GNU Manifesto is very clear http://www.gnu.org/gnu/manifesto.html

How can we help GNU http://www.gnu.org/help/help.html

Those who are respecting themselves and who have understood the importance
of the their freedom and other's freedom should really bother about the
above issues

Any individual / company / party / group / etc etc without affecting the
interest of the FSF or GNU, can work together and help one another till the
day where the code is considered as equally as free law, free society
till then there is no freedom for anyone ..

What if tomorrow our enemies ( those who are opposing the Free Society's
ideologies ) accept the philosophy  and release all their softwares under
GPL ( or any other free software license ) , should we not welcome them. But
that has to happen and they also have to have a firm stand where people wont
get confused again like what has happened in history.

About the recent development -- ( not respecting any one and at the same
time not showing respect  i am not even disrespecting any one)  i think we
all are responsible for it , If we all are with the Free Software Movement
and if we all feel responsible for what ever things are happening -- i don't
think we have to point at each one and talk today.

let us correct ourself if we have made any mistake , if anybody helps in
correcting other shows the free society culture

GNU's Manifesto  has not changed before we were part of FSM and it will not
change if we get out of FSM tomorow

Lets not forget our goal,  if we are accepting and working towards achieving
them then lets all work together....
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