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Mon Nov 17 14:46:23 IST 2008

Hello Friends,

All of you must be aware of the next biggest event happening in Kerala on
Free Software. Free Software, Free Society, the 2nd International Conference
on Freedom in Computing, Development and Culture on 9th, 10th and 11th of
December, 2008.

Website: www.fsfs.in

The main events of the conference are talks by eminent personalities like:

Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS)(Founder GNU and FSF),
Jimmy Wales (Founder Wikipedia),
Eben Moglen (Chairman of Software Freedom Law Center),
NIIBE Yutaka (Chairman of the Free Software Initiative of Japan (FSIJ)),
Neville "Roy" Singham (Founder and Chairman of ThoughtWorks, Inc),
Georg C. F. Greve (Initiator and president of the Free Software Foundation
Anand Babu (Board member of FSF-India. Cofounder and CTO of Z RESEARCHl

they are just very few to mention. The talks will be held at Mascot Hotel
Trivandrum and it will be restricted to registered participants because of
space constraints.

Then the major attraction of the conference will be exhibitions,workshops
and a GNU/Linux Install Fest or a Free Software Exhibition which will
include a Free Software Install Fest also, to be held open for the public at
Kanakakunnu Palace, Trivandrum.

Here as Free Software communities all of us have a great opportunity to be a
part of the event and also the responsibility to give support to it in all
ways we can. We need volunteers who can devote their time for this event. Do
pour in your ideas and suggestions as to the contents of the exhibitions and
workshops and also as to the different events that can be conducted in
addition to the above mentioned ones (as part of Free Software Exhibition).

Join the mailing list for further discussions,


for announcements to registered participants

The main motto of this event is to educate the public about Free Software.
So we the Free Software Community (not just any specific mailing list, but
the entire community) has a great responsibility on our shoulders.

Join the mailing lists and start discussing.

Anoop Jacob Thomas
Free Software Community
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