[Fsf-friends] Boycott Novell Protesters Man-handled at National Conference on Free Software 2008

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> 2008/11/16 haynes davis <haynesdavis at gmail.com>:
> > Anivar was one among the organizers. If he was serious enough about the
> > boycott Novell protest he could have convinced the other organizing
> > committee members earlier itself. Why did he waited till the last day?
> > True spirit of Freedom should make us help others to understand freedom
> > software better.
> Because the fact that Novell is the primary sponsor is hidden by the
> organisers. Can you see Novell's name mentioned in the conference
> website?

see http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?no_d2=1&sid=08/11/17/0120203
in which shyam says

HI, Myself one of the protestors of boycottnovell protest happened in
kerala. I would like to summarize some points here.

*The event was not organized by the Communist Party. Communist Party is
promotting Free Software on several occasions and they have a good stand on
Free Software. The event organizers are as seen here at the event site
http://nfm2008.atps.in./ [nfm2008.atps.in] Some of the organizers were not
having enough exposure to the Free Software world. That actually led to the
situation of Novell being the platinum sponsor of the event. The whole
problem is because of the igorance of the organizers on the subject. The
organizers mishandled the subject without realizing the issue, as they have
little knowledge about the issue raised by us.

Our concern was about Novell, and we wanted the general public to know the
truth. For that we raised the posters telling them the reasons of boycott
Novell. We didnot boycott the event. We did participate the event and tried
to correct the organizers and tried to pass the correct information to the
public. The organizers didnt realize this and they took their position with
Novell due to their ignorance. and this mishandling of this issue caused the

why do you think " he fact that Novell is the primary sponsor is hidden by
organisers " I think this is what you want others to believe. If it was
their ignorance, will we not pardon their ignorance. I still believe  some
were not interested in correcting the organizers, rather to protest which
was primary.

> > So what i feel is Anivar was copyrighting the Boycott Novell protest for
> > himself. I dont believe he was interested in the ideological aspect of
> the
> > boycott novell protest in this case, rather he was using the issue to
> > fulfill his concealed agenda or else he could have intervened in the
> early
> > stages of organizing itself.
> Many of us in the community who know Anivar for a long time does not
> subscribe to this idea of Anivar acting on any concealed agenda as you
> suggest. He has closely worked with the Boycott Novell campaign from
> its launch.
> Cheers
> Praveen
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