[Fsf-friends] Boycott Novell Protesters Man-handled at National Conference on Free Software 2008

haynes davis haynesdavis at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 12:26:01 IST 2008

Hello all,

Some observations

Anivar was one among the organizers. If he was serious enough about the
boycott Novell protest he could have convinced the other organizing
committee members earlier itself. Why did he waited till the last day?
True spirit of Freedom should make us help others to understand freedom
software better.

What we usually do is we support any initiative that helps free software. If
there is any thing wrong with the conception or understanding of the
organizers regarding the freedom concept we should be helping them to
correct themselves. That is what we usually do rather confronting them
saying that your concept of freedom is not perfect so that we are against
you and you are not welcome to the free software community. It is good for
us to alienate others or alienate ourself from rest who are ready to do
something for the freedom concept? Why should we establish that we are more
"moral" than everyone else.

So what i feel is Anivar was copyrighting the Boycott Novell protest for
himself. I dont believe he was interested in the ideological aspect of the
boycott novell protest in this case, rather he was using the issue to
fulfill his concealed agenda or else he could have intervened in the early
stages of organizing itself.

I also came to read some paper news against the conference. it is clear that
it is written by someone among us itself. So some people among us seriously
working against ourself. Why some people are sternly against some of the
free software get-togethers while we support all other programs concerning
free software. Anyone who has organized an event will know how it will be
when some one tries to interrupt the program. Free software events have
rules and agendas like any other meeting. And participants have limited time
to get the job done they came for. Its quite logical for the organizers who
did a great job to bring together 1000s in the name of free software to ask
the protesters to leave.

i fear these attempts will only help our community to become a group of free
software technical group alienated from the masses. If what we want is a
free software 'movement' it is not good to confront the interested people.

One request....   Dont alienate ourself from the rest.

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