[Fsf-friends] Microsoft is like the Matrix

Praveen A pravi.a at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 10:06:54 IST 2008

2008/2/3, CK Raju, Thrissur <ck.thrissur at gmail.com>:
> http://www.reactos.org/en/screenshots.html
> Is this behind the drive of Microsoft to invest in new segments of IT services ?
> Cheers to ReactOS developers...

It is exciting but I guess not yet there for a head to head fight. It
is catching up fast.

 The Yahoo acquisition is supposedly to "compete with google". But
that gave us an interesting thing to watch out for, what they are
going to do with Zimbra? If they are continuing with Zimbra it means
Microsoft has entered Free Software business and if they want to kill
it, it would be interesting to see a fork coming up. It has started
giving some tough competition in the enterprise for Messaging and
collaboration servers traditionally a forte of Microsoft Exchange

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