[Fsf-friends] Regarding GPL / LGPL Licencing.

Raj Mathur raju at linux-delhi.org
Thu Dec 25 08:39:53 IST 2008

On Thursday 25 Dec 2008, battipatisainagendra Bhavaniprasad wrote:
> 1.First of all what is the diffrence between FSF and Open source.Are
> both same or diffrent?

FSF is an organisation that promotes free software.

Open Source is a development model that results in better, more relevant 
and more secure software.

> 2.Who is responcible for GPL / LGPL Licencing?

Whoever releases their software under the GPL or the LGPL.  There is no 
central authority that tracks or manages all GPL/LGPL software in the 

> 3.If i want my project to get GPL / LGPL Licencing should i apply for
> open source or fsf people.

No, just follow the guidelines in the (L)GPL (How to Apply These Terms 
to Your New Programs) and release your software.


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