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Subject: [Freed-managers] Talk by RMS: Copyright v/s community in the
age of computer networks
Date: Thursday 18 Dec 2008
From: "Andrew Lynn" <lynn.andrew at gmail.com>
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Welcome to life at 10,000,000,000 bits per second! India is establishing
a National Knowledge Network, with a backbone in multiples of Gbps. The
initial phase would be implemented in the next few weeks, with JNU being
connected at 1Gbps.  While the technical details of the project have
been put in place, it is of importance to look at content and
applications, and the rights behind these.

We are honoured that Richard Stallman, of the Free Software Foundation
would deliver a talk on

"Copyright v/s community in the age of computer networks"

at the School of Life Sciences Auditorium,
          Jawaharlal Nehru University

TIme: 6:00 pm
Date; Friday, 19th December, 2008

R.S. Mani, a Senior Technical Director with the National Informatics
Center would introduce the National Knowledge Network prior to the


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