[Fsf-friends] [MyLUG #599] [Fwd: Urgent requirement for free software supporters in Mysore]

Shashishekhar S mankuthimma at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 09:24:59 IST 2008

Hello all,

> Richard M Stallman met Mr Manivannan who is the Mysore district Collector
> and Distric magistrate , We got a very good response from Mr
> Manivannan . He
> has shown interest ( serious ) in shifting all those systems that are
> running proprietary softwares.

That is a very interesting development.

> But he insisted very much on the list of all those people who are based in
> mysore and can support the free softwares ( currently the support level is
> may be hand holding , and may be even customizing the installation
> according
> to the thier need and as well train the people who will be using them. Now
> the strategy about how to take forward will have to be discussed and
> according to the guidelines of free software foudation -india this
> will have
> to be taken up.

I shall be able to help with this -- marshalling resources and people
(there are quite a few, but have to be motivated :-p)

> Dr Nagarjuna could you please  give us some guidelines so that things will
> be clear to all those who want to be part of this.

Is there any prior experience -- in terms of deploying free software
for government organizations -- elsewhere?

> Any organization , individual who can support has to be present in
> front of
> Mr Manivannan on the day we meet him   ( after fixing an appointment ) .
> please pass on the message to your known ones  ( if they are not on this
> list , get the details and update here ) and who ever replies will have a
> chance to serve and hepl in taking forward the free software movement.

Do let me know about the appointment.

> is not that we are the one who are guiding -- it is that we are just in
> touch with Mr Manivannan and then after introducing the people from mysore
> - ---our job to some extent is done .. rest they can take care ..

I sure hope so :-)

> Suggest the best ways in which this information has to be communicated to
> all those people who are in mysore who are free software enthusiasts /
> supporters / developers who can help in this regard
> once it is sure that information is passed on to to all , those who have
> shown interest will be meeting with Mr Manivannan and the things will
> later
> be explained during the meting.

MyLUG has a good representation of people from the industry, academics
and hobbyists as its members and hope everybody has seen this email
and volunteer for the effort.

Also, do let us know if there are any official FSF policies/processes
for effecting these migrations.

Thanks and Regards,
Shashishekhar S

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