[Fsf-friends] Urgent requirement for free software supporters in Mysore

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Hi Renuka,

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renuka prasad wrote:
> Hi all
> let me tell you the background first ------------------ ( RMS , please
> correct me if some things are wrong here )
> Richard M Stallman met Mr Manivannan who is the Mysore district Collector
> and Distric magistrate , We got a very good response from Mr Manivannan
. He
> has shown interest ( serious ) in shifting all those systems that are
> running proprietary softwares.
> But he insisted very much on the list of all those people who are based in
> mysore and can support the free softwares ( currently the support level is
> may be hand holding , and may be even customizing the installation
> to the thier need and as well train the people who will be using them. Now
> the strategy about how to take forward will have to be discussed and
> according to the guidelines of free software foudation -india this will
> to be taken up.
> Dr Nagarjuna could you please  give us some guidelines so that things will
> be clear to all those who want to be part of this.
> Any organization , individual who can support has to be present in front of
> Mr Manivannan on the day we meet him   ( after fixing an appointment ) .
> please pass on the message to your known ones  ( if they are not on this
> list , get the details and update here ) and who ever replies will have a
> chance to serve and hepl in taking forward the free software movement.
> Regarding monetary benifits , i have no idea-- probbaly all those will be
> told or discussed by Mr Manivannan when all the people meet there
> Initiatlly i will be going to mysore for one or two days ( dates not yet
> fixed )- any one from FSUG-bangalore wants to join reply here and then we
> meet people in mysore and see that they will take on the things further
( it
> is not that we are the one who are guiding -- it is that we are just in
> touch with Mr Manivannan and then after introducing the people from mysore
> ---our job to some extent is done .. rest they can take care ..
> Suggest the best ways in which this information has to be communicated to
> all those people who are in mysore who are free software enthusiasts /
> supporters / developers who can help in this regard
> once it is sure that information is passed on to to all , those who have
> shown interest will be meeting with Mr Manivannan and the things will later
> be explained during the meting.
> Mr manivannan is very clear that the supporters should be based in in and
> around myosre ..
> consider this a sn urgent requirement and lets meet as soon as possible
> if people have some ideas about how this could be taken forward can please
> suggest
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