[Fsf-friends] Use of Windows by some speakers

Manilal K M libregeek at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 15:55:25 IST 2008

Sorry, I missed the fsf-friends address.

2008/12/16 Manilal K M <libregeek at gmail.com>:
> 2008/12/15 A Kannan. (CUSAT) <forukannan at yahoo.com>:
>>   If the government had entrusted localization  to a commercial software
>> company , after inviting tenders and with a condition that the code
>> developed  is GPL , the task might have been over in a very short time.
> Government has done this many times before.
> Some examples:
> FRIENDS Computerisation(C-DIT)
> KSEB Computerisation (M$ allies)
> and fortunately all ended in courts wasting public money.
>> The localisation will go on for ever and malayalam will eventually die.
> Yes, the localisation will go for ever, as long as we have new
> programs and applications . But I don't think that language will die
> due to the localisation process. May be you have misunderstood the
> what localisation means.
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