[Fsf-friends] Use of Windows by some speakers

V. Sasi Kumar sasi.fsf at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 01:57:15 IST 2008

Dear Kannan,

Your mail is full of vague insinuations and accusations. If you are
expecting a response from those whom you are accusing, it would be good
to make your statements clear and precise. If your intention is only mud
slinging, you can carry on at the risk of becoming a laughing stock. And
I find it strange that you advocate giving the work of localisation to a
commercial company. You don't want such work to be done by the
community? And you are depreciating the huge effort being put in by a
number of our young people. Please remember that you are actually
insulting them by your words. It would be good if you studied what
people are doing before throwing wild accusations against them.

You are also accusing the FSF Board members of "sneaking in" and ganging
up. These are serious allegations and you may have to substantiate them.
Please give your evidence for these allegations.

It is strange that you are asking for proof for involvement in Free
Software projects from members of the Director board and Working Group.
You seem to think that the objective of FSF India is to contribute to
Free Software projects. Please do your homework properly before taking
up arms against people who are doing what they can for the good of FS in


On Mon, 2008-12-15 at 09:39 -0800, A Kannan. (CUSAT) wrote:
>         You don't know the real mafia that runs fee software from
> Trivandrum. 
> They want to eat up all the money from government coffers.  They will
> do the same project any number of times.  Look at space, apts or any
> free software initiative  that we have in kerala. They are for
> sucking government money.
>  Take the case of Malayalam localization. These guys did this  When
> fund got exhausted they shifted  to Space. They will come out with
> another initiative when   the government changes.
>   If the government had entrusted localization  to a commercial
> software company , after inviting tenders and with a condition that
> the code developed  is GPL , the task might have been over in a very
> short time.  
> The localisation will go on for ever and malayalam will eventually
> die.
>  The Cochin event was well engineered so that the Mafia get a martyr
> image.
> They got maximum publicity.  Several old listers will remember how
> some of the board members sneaked into the board overnight.
>   All FSF board members from Kerala form a gang ( I dont know about
> others) . Have a look  at this page.
> http://www.gnu.org.in/about-fsf-india/whos-who    And then examine the
> real contribution of kerala members  on technology front. It will be a
> big zero.
> FSF India should publish detials of its  board memebers ,working group
> members and clearly state what free software project each one is
> associated with.  ( I can even see people with just email ids alone
> like kg(at)tug.org.in  )
>       I think there are several listers around who recognises the
> gang.
> Now that they are caught red handed , they are trying to be diplomatic
> and offering  soaps to the original blogger to douse the fire. (See
> lug TVM mail list)  It seems  Sunil will get kick behind his back very
> soon.
> Kannan
>    PS Just read the list of people protested as posted by Arun. The
> very people who ran the Trivandrum  show. They are seen at film
> festival cultural events Computer Society of India ,IEEE, ABCD XYZ
> etc. You start a new forum they will hijack it in due course.
V. Sasi Kumar
Free Software Foundation of India

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