[Fsf-friends] Yavarkkumana Menporul Iyakkam/ Arakkattalai..

Sri Ramadoss M amachu at gnu.org
Sun Dec 14 09:50:58 IST 2008


Glad to share with you all that, We are in process of setting up a
Movement/ Foundation for taking care of the needs of Tamil Computing
together with Free Software & its principles named 'Yavarkkumana
Menporul Arakkattalai/ Iyakkam' (can be interpreted as 'Movement/
Foundation for Software Made for Everyone'). Few work has already gone
into in terms of Translations, Workshops etc.,

Yavarkkum is "for everyone". (The word has its root in Puranaanooru &
Tirumanthiram, two ancient Tamil works) This has resulted after
initial round of Events, Meetings and discussions happened months
before at NRCFOSS, Chennai.

Srinivasan, Bharathi, Arun and myself holds the responsibility now. We
will be working with other communities across the nation on common
issues but with special emphasis on TamilNadu & Tamil.

Original announcement:


Sri Ramadoss M

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