[Fsf-friends] where were the 'poster boys'

Praveen A pravi.a at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 13:09:51 IST 2008

2008/12/12 haynes davis <haynesdavis at gmail.com>:
> The anger in the use of proprietary software fsfs.in is open now. But

I have repeatedly said this should not have happened. I'm sure we have
raised the bar again and next Free Software conference would be very
careful. I'm using this occation to remind every one to plan for
Hackerdom from 9 to 11 Jan and FOSS Meet @ NITC from 27 Feb to 1st

> I am wondering where were the 'poster boys' who were very active in
> Kochi conference? Why were 'whole sale' dealers of freedom silent? The

I didn't get this. Are you not subscribed to the list? I can see many
in the community obejecting to it and many accepting the mistake
including myself. Just see the number of blogs came out about this
issue and you can't call that silence? Or are you saying these are not
members of Free Software community?

> people who alleged cpim-hijack were busy organising fsfs.in that they
> could not see any hijack attempt in Trivandrum. Why did these people
> want to disrupt and ridicule the kochi conference? Now these people
> dont have any shame in using the power of cpim and government to
> promote themselves. The credibility of free software movement is in
> danger due to these people. fsf-i board does not need freedom in the
> fsf-i. They dont need power. But i accuse the board of using the free
> software movement for attaining power. And that too at the expense of
> cpim. Still these people are not ashamed of promoting cpim-hijack
> theory. The personal greed for power and pejudice of these people are
> not doing good to the free software movement.

Thanks very much for your concern. We may be at different sides in
this debate but we have come together to promote Free Software. It is
heartening to see many more people expressing concerns about the
future of Free Software movement and putting efforts to strengthen our
movement by creating more awareness and coming out strongly for every
compromise we make to our shared vision - A strong and vibrant Free
Software community in India.

I hope you will come out and help making next Free Software conference better.

- Praveen
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