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Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Sat Dec 13 08:29:02 IST 2008

We had to do a lot of last minute stuff as IISc centenary celberations
is on.  
We have the big guys coming the same day including : Assistant managing
director of Microsoft Research India - speaks @ IISc - 11.30 a.m - 1.00
p.m, 14th Dec  : India - A Knowledge Power: Opportunities and Challenges
We have Choksi hall fixed at 5.p.m Sunday 14th. This got confirmed only
last night.  If we didnt get the hall we were planning to have a open
air session with hand mike considering the importanct of the topic.
We have Eben moglen - speaking on  The Knowledge Power of the Community
:: Danger of Patents 
1) http://notoimp.wordpress.com/  - its important for civil society to
debate the  quote IP unquote policy of a institute of national
2) Its also important in the light of the national debate on software


	*	harish k singh 

	Can you look at the article at
tml. The patents subsidized by our belowed govt is now in the hands of
these trolls. Maybe we need to address these issues when the meeting in
IISc happens next month.Incidently, this company's major investor is
none other than microsoft. See


	*	Rehat Venky 

	"Software patents are an important issue in India right now
because there is a heated debate over how to interpret Section 3(k)
which says that, "A mathematical or business method or a computer
programme per se or algorithms are not patentable." 

	How "computer programme per se" is interpreted is of vital
importance to the FOSS community. Therefore a talk by RMS on software
patents would be relevant at this point in time and would help raise
awareness of how patents prevent independent invention and restrict the
freedom of software developers." 

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