[Fsf-friends] FSFS.IN and windows

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    I know this will provoke many.
  I was at the exhibition hall . It was a real waste of money. The venue was originally made for AITUC national  conference. By the present Kerala standards the bill for AITUC event must go to free software account.
 Most of the government stalls were manned by known CPIM members who have no clue on free software.  I also spotted a couple of windows machines.

  They spent  a lot of money putting out cut outs and posters across the city. What is the use of all this waste to free software. As some one mentioned previously   the free software movement in Kerala has been  hijacked by CPIM and co. This event has proven it.

   The event was conducted in a typical communist manner.  Good food for all comrades at Muscot and some free pass to party members. Free software is really free beer.


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