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>That does not surprise anyone. Because even on this list I don't seem
>to remember seeing you. Just the work on defeating OOXML would speak
>volumes. Microsoft managed to buy ISO, but we stood firm and I'm
>really proud if the role FSF India, especially Nagarjuna, along with
>many others, played. We were leading the world to protect document
>Freedom. This is just one incident, and I can go on. May I ask where
>were you when the whole Free Software community around the world were
>fighting to protect document Freedom?

Yet again you have proved that you know nothing and no one outside
this mailing list of yours. If you are justifying the works of the so
called directors so much, then you should probably be able to answer
the next set of questions as well. Being board members of FSF-I it is
obvious that each of them commands respect and we too had high regards
for them, but the Kochi incident shook our beliefs to the roots.
During the Kochi Conference, when the protesters were barging into the
sponsors' stall and pasting posters in such an uncivilized way,
holding such esteemed positions, we expected that the board members
present there would exercise their power and take charge of the
situation. But what followed left us astonished, we realized that
stopping them was out of question and besides this, they even joined
hands with them! Wasn't that a scar on the entire event? Wasn't it an
immature act? Couldn't the board members have thought of anything but
a protest? Wasn't the event a pride for them like it was to all of us?
We were so glad to be a part of such an event and were even
complimenting the achievements of FSF so far, but what followed left
us speechless. It was this melodramatic piece of unformulated crap
that sparked off all the controversies. And to clarify another thing,
all the success accomplished so far is the result of a concoction of
the efforts put in by millions of us across the country and not just
one or two people in the lime light like you have mentioned. So if we
don't appear on the mailing list it does not mean that we don't exist.
It just means that we appear and make our voice heard when required so
people like you and those in power realize that there is a lot more
outside your little world thats keeping watch on every move of

>he readily recognised the work Nagarjuna has done and wanted us to be proud
that we have a fighter
>like Nagarjuna.

Ya right, we too appreciated the fight Nagarjuna had been fighting in
the yesteryears, he is undoubtedly still fighting but there seems to
be an entire turnover in the cause and reason he is fighting for
now!!! Lol...
Point to ponder: "No fighter fights alone to win a battle, he needs
his entire army to stand by him!" So does your fighter Nagarjuna!!! We
are all members of the army, you've gotta remember that!

>I am now really amazed at the shear number of people pop in here and
>repeat the same lies. Do you seriously think everyone would just
>believe your words and start doubting about people like Nagarjuna and
>others in FSF India?
>The community know them very well, because unlike people like you who
>come here and shout again again, we have seen what they have done,
>what they are doing and what they are ready to do.
>They don't need certificates from you.

I'm surprised that you are amazed by the number of people you see now,
didn't you know that our organization had all of us and not just a bunch of
you??? How many people would lie? You have the answer yourself, you
are amazed by the number of people lieing you say, i guess in your
amazement, you forgot to notice that these people are from varied
parts of the country! How then are all of them stating the same so
called "LIE"? The entire country is lieing against a handful of you
who are being so honest? Thats so sad! I just wish it were a little
believable! And by the way which community are you talking about? You
seem too confused, it is ALL OF US that together makes the community,
and if so many of the members of this very community are questioning
you today, whom are you talking about in you lines - "The community
know them very well" "we have seen what they have done, blah blah
blah" Who is this 'WE"? Just you and a handful of those who claim to
put us all out and state that they and they alone are the community?
Who said we are certifying them? This is perhaps the first time I'm
listening to something so ridiculous, I don't think a Leader needs to
be certified by his team, as far as i know it has to be the other way
round! A leader needs no certification, his acts should speak for him
and not people like you or anyone else. So get the facts clear before
you speak on behalf of our leaders bcoz else u'll be ridiculing them
by your childish talk like you just did!

With Freegards,
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