[Fsf-friends] Somebody vandalised the FSF-friends and FSUG Bangalore mailing lists

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 22:20:02 IST 2008

Dear RMS,
I respect your views expressed in the mail and thank you for the reply.
My views are the same as of FSF/FSF-I - to promote free(as in freedom) software.
Our Karnataka team(yet to be baptised) follows the mass movement
approach and links free software with other important issues such as
caste oppression, dalit rights, education and research etc... My
outbursts on the mailing lists were sparked by the series of
destructive developments that had taken place on certain fora as they
were not in the best interest of the free software movement. However,
your clarification is appropriate.
I am eagerly looking forward to your address at my institution -
Christ University, Bangalore where I have been working with the
Management, staff and students of all streams and departments to
develop Christ University as a Centre for Free Software in Karnataka.
With respects,
Vikram Vincent

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