[Fsf-friends] FSF-I as a unifying force(WasRe: Statement of FSF India board on recent incidents)

Raj Mathur raju at linux-delhi.org
Mon Dec 1 07:08:08 IST 2008

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On Sunday 30 Nov 2008, V. Sasi Kumar wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-11-30 at 22:20 +0530, Vikram Vincent wrote:
> > FSF-I was formed in July 2001. The I-Lugs existed years before
> > that. Now FSF-I should have worked for the conversion of the
> > "Linux" to "Libre" as done in certain groups.
> > Why divide the Movement by promoting FSUGs etc?
> We believe that Free Software is much more than Linux. So we would
> like the user groups to be named FSUGs, GLUGs or something that
> reflects the idea of freedom, such as what you suggested. But we
> don't take the decision as to whether the name of a particular group
> should be FSUG, GLUG or something else (PLUG, for example). The
> decision is taken by the members of the group. Several groups that
> were originally called LUGs or ILUGs have changed their name. Why do
> you think that this will divide the Movement? We have not seen any
> division so far. Let us not create a division where none exists.

Speaking on behalf of ILUG-Delhi (not an official position since I'm not 
an office-bearer there but I believe the LUG will back me up), I can 
say that we've worked with FSF-I wherever the need became apparent.  We 
do not want to change our name to FSUG-Delhi or GLUG-Delhi, but we 
believe in the same objectives as FSF and FSF-I, and when a common 
target needs to be achieved we help each other, officially as well as 

The reason we can do this is because our (ILUGD's) and FSF-I's 
objectives coincide to a large extent, and our approaches also are 
similar (if not identical).  I believe that an (unofficial?) Delhi 
chapter of FSF-I was formed a few years back, but since it was the same 
people with the same goals in both groups (FSF-I Delhi chapter and 
ILUGD) the chapter hasn't done much in recent times.  The day we find 
the two groups' ideologies or approaches widely at variance with each 
other we can decide that FSF-I Delhi chapter should be revived and 
carry on local activities, while ILUGD goes its own way.

However, that hasn't happened yet, and until it does I see no pressing 
reason to have a formal FSF-I chapter in Delhi.  In the meantime we 
(FSF-I and ILUGD) continue to speak at each others' events, support 
each others' activities, pay for each others' beer and chai and sell 
each others' t-shirts and kurtas :)

So to that extent I agree with what FSF-I is saying -- if there's an 
existing body of users and advocates who are going in the same 
direction as FSF-I it makes more sense to work with that body rather 
than form a new body from scratch and potentially divide the community.  
On the other hand, if you and enough other people feel that FSF-I's 
goals (or approach) are wrong, you are always welcome to form a new 
group and more power to you!  That's what democracy is all about!  I'm 
sure I speak for FSF-I when I say that it will support your group's 
activities wherever you have common goals.


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