[Fsf-friends] Statement of FSF India board on recent incidents

V. Sasi Kumar sasi.fsf at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 00:13:22 IST 2008

On Sun, 2008-11-30 at 22:27 +0530, ajay kumar wrote:

> local chapters
> are you saying that FSF-I should run like its run in Europe, Americas?

No. We are saying that FSFI should not run as in Europe, for example.
FSF Europe has a chapter in each country because the situation in each
country is different and that cannot be tackled by a single body. So
they have chapters in the member countries. India is a single country
and FSFI works closely with FSUGs etc. which serves the purpose of local

>  that means we are trying to force solutions meant for other countries
> to that of ours! in order to have more people (in general terms we
> call "mass base") FSF-I must have local chapters. I mean considering
> your own views Just see the number of population in indian states they
> are as equal in population to that in each country in europe, this
> clearly shows the importance of having local chapters. 

We don't distribute chapters (or FFSUGs, for that matter) based on
population. It depends on the extent of local initiative and interest.
People have been talking about "the importance of local chapters", but
no one seems to be giving any logical argument to support it. Why don't
you try, Ajay Kumar?

> On an average I think people sleep for 6 hours else if a person sleeps
> for months and years together, wake up a fine morning find themselves
> in losing there control over the foundation, obviously it makes them
> irritated, uncomfortable and the consequence is FAQ's in gnu.org.

I am happy to learn that FAQ's are written by people who sleep for
months and years. Maybe you know all that because you too have written
FAQs. Oh, I forgot. People write FAQs when they are irritated and
uncomfortable. Are you sure that otherwise people cannot write FAQs?

> You people didn't even bother inform organisations that are mentioned
> in the FAQ's.

What is it that we did not bother to inform these organisations? Which
are the organisations?

> board of directors
> When is the so called Board of Directors going to so called NOMINATE
> there new Board?

Of course, that will be decided by the so called Board. It seems so
called Ajay Kumar is becoming irritated and uncomfortable. Hope you will
write a so called FAQ soon.

> most of the current board of directors are the same onces who are
> there since its inception which needs a change.

Sure. You are free to have your opinion.

> (well power and control over FSF-I need to change)

I see. So you have been looking for some power and control over FSFI?
Here is another cat that has jumped out of the bag!

> for everything that is old has to go and something new will always
> come into place and this transition dosn't happen smoothly.

My! My! What erudition! So let us have a revolution. Call the troops!
Send all the bourgeoisie to Siberia.

> Well as the mails start poring in and that board of directors feel
> that they are baring the peoples quest for clarity, they are actually
> undermining the larger interest of the people. And to say "when you
> have a responsibility you don't bare things or say "patiently
> replying", rather you need to understand the pulse of the people". 

Right Sir! We are going on a campaign to determine the pulse of the
people. Do we take doctors with us?

> How long can you guys go on dictating terms like this? 

mmmm. Good question. Personally, I am willing to continue for another
five years or so. Could even be more. I don't know about the others.

> who can speak on behalf of fsf india?
> ha thats such a big joke.

You mean, speaking on behalf of FSF India?

> first you say that what ever the fsf-i board members say becomes the
> stand of fsf-i and then you say that fsf-i board will discuss it first
> and then say that "ITS THE BOARDS DECISSION". Well I need some more
> clarity the mails that arun, sasi and nagarjuna have mailed to this
> mailing list, are they the official stand and official statements of
> FSF-I? or are they just some personal views?
> Why do you guys make the rules and then break them? (by going on your
> own words "WE THE *BOARD OF DIRECTORS FSF INDIA* have the only right
> to dictate) i haven't seen any of you guys mention weather the
> statement that you are making is an official stand of fsf-i or its
> just personal views.

Please do remember that you are making serious allegations in the mail
that you are mailing to this mailing list and that you could be open to
litigation. Not that I am going to sue you. I am really enjoying the
mail. Haven't read such a hilarious mail for quite some time.

> other than the mention of "For instance, this FAQ is a statement from
> the Board." in the page that is on the gnu.org.in website there is no
> mention of it any were else. 
> For instance
> http://www.google.com/search?q=satement+from+the+board+inurl%3Ahttp%3A
> %2F%2Fmm.gnu.org.in%2Fpipermail%2Ffsf-friends%
> 2F&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.debian:en-US:unofficial&client=iceweasel-a
> when people at the top look bellow there feet they find lilliputs.
> When these lilliputs come face to face they suddenly become big, this
> is called as mass base and this mass base has to be organised in a
> democratic way.
> I am proud to be in a democratic country were i can express my views
> freely. I want that freedom back to the very organisation which i
> believed for and trusted for so many years has motivated and kept me
> free from escapism, opportunism.

Oh, I never thought that FSF India has such achievements to its credit!
Really wonderful, I should say! Kept you free from escapism and
opportunism, you say? Thank you for sharing that with us.

V. Sasi Kumar
Free Software Foundation of India

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