[Fsf-friends] Beryl can improve usability and work-flow

Mani A a.mani.cms@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Jul 31 04:16:53 IST 2007

On 7/30/07, Amol Hatwar <amol at hatwar.org> wrote:
> Mani A wrote:
> > Beryl is not just eye candy...
> >
> I believe the Beryl project has been abandoned, and code re-merged with
> compiz (of which Beryl was a fork). It is called compiz-fusion now. If
> you want to actively use Beryl, use compiz instead...

Yes that happened some months ago. But no version of compiz-fusion has
been released since and most distros still stick to Beryl. It has to
be stable.


A. Mani

A. Mani
Member, Cal. Math. Soc

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