[Fsf-friends] why, still proprietary software @ higher secondary syllabus.

Sarath Lakshman sarathlakshman@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jul 30 00:12:16 IST 2007

Hi friends,

I have been here with the issue of using non-free and non-standards
compilers in higher secondary computer science syllabus.

It was really appreciative to introduce purely free softwares at high
schools and the feedbacks from students are awesome. Only problem I heard
about it was about driver supports and low monitor frequency problems. I
found a nice FAQ for solving that at space-kerala's support website.

During the time Govt decided to implement free sofware at high schools, i
read in the news item that they would be implementing FS at higher secondary
on the following year. But I'm sad to see nothing pleasing in progress.

By last march I passed out from +2 and I really couldn't see FS supporting
syllabus till now.
Being a free software enthusiast, I had been using GCC and MYSQL myself at
school at a desktop installed with SLYNUX Gnu/Linux distro at my own risk
saying my teacher that I won't use non-free software. I used the same box
installed with gcc and mysql for my practical examination too.

I had tried my best to spread the need of freedom at computing to my
companions and teacher. I could only hear a yess boss reply from most of
them and they weren't ready to use gnu tools or gnu/linux since they weren't
in syllabus. My teacher smiled reading
http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/schools.html and nothing more positive.

By now, students passing out from 10th standard are trained on free software
platform. The students who choose Com SC at higher secondary will be taken
into the worst environment of proprietary software at plus one and plus two.
I feel its bad for a transition from free software to  Proprietary software.
This is the condition prevails now.

What Iam still repeating here is :
HSS CS syllabus is so easy to migrate to GNU/Linux platform

The tools they currently use are:
1) M$ Windows platform
2) Turbo C++ IDE
3) Oracle SQL

What we really require for migration is:
1) GNU/Linux
2) VI editor
3) MySQL or other GPLed ones
You can see some posts about this issue two yeas back here at fsf-friends [
http://gnu.org.in/pipermail/fsf-friends/2005-August/ ]

Hope we could do some practical move on this issue.

With regards,

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