[Fsf-friends] Beryl can improve usability and work-flow

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Sat Jul 28 04:14:57 IST 2007

Beryl is not just eye candy...
"If you have Beryl installed, you can select windows for grouping by
pressing [super]+s (the [super] key is usually the "windows" key) or
by holding down the [super] key and using the left mouse button to
draw a box around the window(s) you want to select. Once selected, you
group them press [super]+g to group them. Once you've got your group,
press [super]+t to tab them together. You've then got a handy group of
windows that are tidy, and easily selectable.

To change windows, just hover your mouse over the title bar, or use
[super]+left or [super]+right to cycle through the windows.
scale plugin and the four desktop corners

Because the four corners of the desktop are the easiest parts to hit
with your mouse, it makes sense to try and put some form of useful
action in each of the four corners. The scale plugin has a number of
options as to which windows get included in the when activated. You
can activate all windows on all sides of the cube, or just the windows
on the current cube face, or just the windows associated with the
current application. It is this last option that can be useful for
tasks that involve a whole bunch of windows from one application -
like the gimp, or kopete.

You can set the actions for each corner of the desktop in Beryl
settings manager. Under the general page, you'll find an icon for
shortcuts in the left panel, and under that, a tab for screen edges."



A. Mani

A. Mani
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