[Fsf-friends] Re: Microsoft to set up university in (Bangalore)city

shriramadhas shriramadhas@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Jul 17 13:06:25 IST 2007

Vikram Vincent <vincentvikram at ...> writes:
> > The disadvantages of Foreign Direct Investment in education have been well
> documented. I am doing a bit of reading on the issue and will post a
> separate mail on that.
> A "University of MIcrosoft" would qualify as FDI in education and hence is
> not desirable.

Exactly no doubt. But i said, it will make them "think"...

Yes we do oppose..when FDI is leaglly possible how will government or how can 
government stop it?  

It was possible with auditors.. When all auditors came forth to oppose it 
unitedly.. that isn't visible.. here.. 

will infosys & wipro come and support the cause..??

putting petitions.. conducting siganture campaings.. when porridge, water & 
food are still the concerns and m$ and others of such kind have "enough" to 
address them.. .. will have little impact...

We have good bureaucrats, like Uma Shankar IAS, who supports the cause of free 
software.. we need to approach them.. ask them.. even on political front.. 
Cheif minister of Kerala.. Our own President of India.. [glad he is retiring ;-
)] to take it on the government side... slowly... so slowly...

> Ok. We set up a "University of Free Software". Who is going to run it? We
> are unable to bring out good documentation as of now and still have a long
> way to go with other aspects... how do you suggest we go about this? We
> already find it tough to maintain a few full time employees for FSF(if I am
> not mistaken)...
> Let us work towards protecting and improving what we already have.

too much of a fore sight ;-) and why are we expecting FSF all time to do 
this.. ?? together we have to pull.. burden not on FSF alone.. :-)

now if we put forth a petition of such kind.. that we need resources to set up 
such university.. that too in bangalore... all just to draw attention... 

and that too, if the news that M$ is going to set-up up a Univ is true.. 

to draw the attention we need to forge the petition atleast in this fashion.. 
all others not at this moment... this is beginning...

i think free software is also a political movement ;-)

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