[Fsf-friends] Microsoft to set up university in (Bangalore)city

Sandip Bhattacharya sandip@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Jul 17 12:04:07 IST 2007

Nagarjuna G. wrote:

> Vikram, let us begin drafting a note that brings together all the
> points; how dangerous it is for any country, not merely for India to
> accept any such thing. May be can do this on http://fci.wikia.com/.
> After we complete the note, we can release that as a press release and
> also make a representation to Karnataka; Govt of India; and to the
> president (who is the chancellor of all universities in India)

Isn't all this talk a bit premature considering that so little
information is available on the kind of university Microsoft is looking
at? Many of the "universities" are nothing more than vocational courses
on a particular field. They are not much different from the training
institutes like NIIT, Aptech etc. other than matter of scale or

It is unlikely that this is going to be like a degree college. If that
is so, and this is just like any other training institution, I don't see
a point why we all should be worked up on this.

- Sandip

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