[Fsf-friends] Microsoft to set up university in (Bangalore)city

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Jul 17 10:13:35 IST 2007


On 17/07/07, Linux Lingam <linuxlingam at gmail.com> wrote:
> a) welcome microsoft to education, and let them spend their resources
> and energies into building what could be a showcase of education
> worldwide.

I would say that we need privatisation of education since the current
spending of the Govt. is deplorable but I am dead against the
commercialisation of education. Please note the difference.
Second, it is relatively easier to oppose their entry and relatively tougher
to force them to close shop once they are here.
Say NO to FDI in education.

b) lobby very very hard for a mandate that *all* education at
> university-level across india must be:
> 1) platform-neutral for IT-education.
> 2) conducted using muft and mukt syllabus and courses.
> am sure nagarjuna can provide more details regarding point 2), right? :-)
> 3) allow for multiple-industry-players to education interaction.
> 4) recommend to fsf-friends worldwide to lobby very hard with their
> respective govts to adopt the above points, so we also have precedents
> to follow and finetune.

I have my reservations w.r.t. the concept of lobbying and its usefulness.

5) and while the above things take their slow, dragged-feet time, and
> assuming the university launches with overwhelming applications for
> enrolment (i hope so), work hard to contact students and parents at an
> individual level, and ask them to lobby from inside to balance their
> education.

My proposal is this:
First, we come out with our stand on this issue and present the alternative
or what has to be done.
Second, while propagating it in the mass media we take the issue to the
academic community and campaign on the issue, maybe even collecting
signatures. Basically conduct a mass-based campaign.
Then, we reassess our tactics.

time for some education for microsoft as well.
> why do you think they're setting up the university, eh?

No Rationale Except Profit.

Vikram Vincent
Project Engineer,
NRCFOSS, AU-KBC Research Centre

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