[Fsf-friends] Microsoft to set up university in (Bangalore)city

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jul 16 09:06:45 IST 2007


On 15/07/07, Shakthi Kannan <shakthimaan at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 7/15/07, Nagarjuna G. <nagarjun at gnowledge.org> wrote:
> > After we complete the note, we can release that as a press release and
> > also make a representation to Karnataka; Govt of India; and to the
> > president (who is the chancellor of all universities in India)
> ... and what are your expectations from them?

A press release simply puts forward our principled stand on the issue. It
is, however, not a guarantee that the Universities or the Govt. will act on
them. In-fact it would be better to assume that they may not do anything in
our favour. And it here that as a Movement that we can make a difference. We
simply take the issue to the people along with our stand and put pressure on
the Govt. through the collective.
Vikram Vincent
Project Engineer,

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