[Fsf-friends] Microsoft to set up university in (Bangalore)city

Zenwalker shailesh.zenwalk@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Jul 15 20:54:25 IST 2007

I think, M$ opening their university is only to increase their business in
India in a much broader range. Some thing like terrorism training camp
(Sorry to compare like this). So i think for FSF or even for Open Source,
theres always a threat from M$. I am very much sure that, using these uni,
M$ will brain wash students(People in general) to make use of their own

On 7/15/07, Nagarjuna G. <nagarjun at gnowledge.org> wrote:
> On 7/15/07, Vikram Vincent <vincentvikram at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > Is this a sign that the Free Software Movement is growing in
> Bangalore???
> Vikram, let us begin drafting a note that brings together all the
> points; how dangerous it is for any country, not merely for India to
> accept any such thing. May be can do this on http://fci.wikia.com/.
> After we complete the note, we can release that as a press release and
> also make a representation to Karnataka; Govt of India; and to the
> president (who is the chancellor of all universities in India)
> Nagarjuna
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