[Fsf-friends] Say No to ECMA OOXML at BIS

Anivar Aravind anivar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jul 11 09:20:07 IST 2007

Dear Nagarjuna,

I sent both links to PJ of groklaw.
Some Interesting Observations of Rob on the MS Response is online now

Minutes of Meeting held on May 07, 2007, with comments 

Two beautiful points in MS response:

* OOXML does not have a large number of features but is "feature rich".
       "The statement was not that the size is due to the large number 
of features but “feature rich”. The size of the document is also due to 
the fact that it is a fully defined specification."
       (note, OOXML is incomplete, inconsistent, and lacks semantic, ie, 
it is a street directory without a map)

* 6000+4000 pages of OOXML specifications are needed because MS couldn't 
be bothered to ask Oasis to define spreadsheet formula's
       "As an example, which was cited in the meeting but has not been 
captured in the minutes, is the specification for implementing formulas 
in Spreadsheets which is not present in ODF. In this case what would 
spreadsheet formula specifications be considered as if not a point of 

* In the Response to the Question by Dr. Nagarjuna, MS throws in another 
"Covenant not to sue", now with regard to the old binary office formats.
       Instead of giving a clear license to use the specifications, you 
are now still not allowed to use them. However, MS now promises not to 
sue you under some conditions, or maybe they will sue you under some 
other conditions. Just like OOXML.
       "It is to be noted that Microsoft has made the .doc, .xls, and 
.ppt binary file format specifications available under a royalty-free 
covenant not to sue to anyone who wishes to implement all or part of 
these specifications in their products."

~ Regards

Anivar Aravind
moving Republic

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