[Fsf-friends] Re: Interview on Software Piracy - Microsoft India Chairman Ravi Venkatesan

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Wed Aug 22 20:46:16 IST 2007

"Viswanath Durbha"
<viswanath.durbha at gmail.com> writes:

> 2. Bulk of the economic success in the near future will depend on
> "Intellectual Property", hence it makes sense for India to have a
> good regime around "Intellectual Property Rights".

Very true; not only in the near future, but also in the distant past.
Knowledge of the relevant kind does, on several occassions, translate
to power. The brahimins knew this well and excluded the other castes
from knowledge. The protection of IPR, licensing terms and conditions,
etc are nothing but neo-ecno-brahiminism.

And the recent patent contracts with the ilk of Novell, LG, etc
nothing but demands from ekalavya for gurudakshina. (well, the simile
does not apply here, since free software including linux existed well
before M$ and windows, so M$ cannot be the 'guru' of the free software

> 3. Microsoft is trying to "educate" policy makers and governments and
> helping in setting up IPR courts.

They are also holding training courses for the judiciary. Any idea
what is being taught there? I do not have a clue.

> Thanks and Regards,
> Viswanath

By The Way. is this your first post here? Looks like I have missed
your earlier posts?

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