[Fsf-friends] E-TV Kannada story on infiltration of Wikipedia by M$, CIA, others

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Aug 22 08:54:58 IST 2007

Yesterday, E-TV Kannada telecast a news story on how the content of the
Wikipedia is being changed by organisations such as CIA, M$, others
See links:

 I wanted to jot down the points that I had made.
1. Wikipedia is one of the top 10 accessed sites in the world and is a
tool/platform to build a free knowledge society.
2. It is community maintained and peer moderated. All users have the right
to be contributors.
3. People and organisations with vested interest will try to use the
Wikipedia to propagate false/misleading information.
4. Despite this, when the Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica was
compared, Encyclopedia Britannica had 3 errors while the Wikipedia had 4.
Thus the relevance and factual and historical content of the data is
maintained as authentic and close to the truth as possible.

While I was not able to catch the telecast I have to rely upon those who
have to update on the exact contents of the news story.
Vikram Vincent

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