[Fsf-friends] Microsoft submitted license fro OSI approval

Praveen A pravi.a@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Aug 11 00:08:20 IST 2007

Director of Source Program at Microsoft Corporation Jon Rosenberg
submitted its Shared Source License called "Microsoft Community
License" to Open Source Initiative for considering it as an OSI
approved Open Source License. He wrote in his mail to the
license-discuss mailing list of OSI:  "Microsoft is pleased to submit
the Microsoft Community License to the OSI for consideration as an OSI
approved license.  Microsoft believes that this license provides
unique value to the open source community by delivering simplicity,
brevity, and clearly delineated reciprocal terms." It will be
interesting to see how it  turns out. A good move from Microsoft after
it recently locked horns with the Free and Open Source Community about
patents after its deal with Novell.


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