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On 8/8/07, shyam narayanan <aeshyamae at gmail.com> wrote:

> quoting from the OIN FAQ,the first question and answer is:
> So the support to OIN is because they can be used for cross-licensing
> purposes?or because they are supporting the so called "intellectual
> property" and bla blas?while GPLV3 is not much about that so
> called"intellectual property"?
> So my question is that,what OIN says to provide is already there in GPLV3?

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OIN is aided by companies like Novell, Red Hat and others.
Obviously they see IP rights differently from the way FSF does.

OIN is apparently necessitated by the kind of patents that have been
and are being granted by the US and similar Govts (= a group of MNCs).
Instead of fighting patents, they are playing by the evil rules.  They
have patented things like '(7,162,519) 	Structure and Method for
Providing Customized Web Pages' . OIN provides something else... if
you are using a oin licensed technology and file a claim against it,
then you may no longer use it till such time the claim is dismissed.


A. Mani

A. Mani
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