[Fsf-friends] Interview: Monitor Your Systems With FreeIPMI

Praveen A pravi.a@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Aug 7 19:36:02 IST 2007


 Our own Anand Babu is also mentioned in this interview.

"Developers at CDC, led by Anand Babu, had begun several IPMI related
projects internally for their customer base. At LLNL, I had begun
working on several IPMI related projects that would be needed for
Thunder. While Thunder was being assembled, we worked on alot of
these projects together, and eventually merged it together into
FreeIPMI. Since that initial merger, developers from LLNL, CDC, and
Zresearch (where some former CDC developers went to) have continued
the primary maintenance and development of FreeIPMI."



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