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Subject: [PRC] ICT a cottage industry - Can we do it by 15th August?
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 13:02:42 +0530 (IST)
From: Choudhary <choudhary at indicybers.net>
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Hi All,

Many of us work by deadlines, many work for deadlines, while for many others
deadlines work! I belong to this privileged third category - lazy down to my
maleus, incus and stapes. Oh yes, the so called smallest bones in the human
body, but then again I thought the smallest bones were calcified neurons!
Again count me in!

So for all those of us who have been experiencing increasing head-weight
recently, I have a suggestion - let's set a real deadline:

Let us achieve ICT Freedom this 15th August!

India Inc. reaches super-annuation this autumn - she's turning 60!

Well is this possible? Now for once I'm not announcing another impending
release of Hindawi, although one is on the cards. I am talking about making
it happen finally. Oh yes "finally" just as used in Java, literally, no
puns! I am talking about a complete free system - end to end - hair to toe.

We have been doing alpha and beta for long, and with a varying degree of
success have produced almost all the components needed to make this
revolution happen. Let the 2-week revolution happen now.

The question is how? Well systematically - make a wish and have it granted!
It probably needs to be a wish-list rather than a single wish.

To begin with here's my wish list for 15th August 2007:
1. A computer so affordable that I could let my daughter bang it around -
let's say Rs5000/-. Now wait, don't raise your eye-brows - I know others
have been talking too - but _where_ are the results.

2. An OS so Indian that it could leave Munnabhai ashamed of his knowledge of
Gandhigiri! Bollywood fans watchout -this one's should have no "locha" -
chemical, licensing, usage or whatsoever. Holla Indlinux... Hello... Hi...
oh ok so your're listening all right!

3. Tool-chains so open that you can use them to build Tajware. Well
hardware, firmware, software, Tajware - we all know what that is, right? Ah!
Come on, had Skinner quoted today he'd have said "the hands that built the
Tajmahal, are the the hands that build the best software... err Tajware".
Now, Hindawi's doing a good enough job ain't it? Besides, there are Kannada
Logo, Marathi BASIC and many more. I will also mark a copy of this mail to

4. Courseware for ICT in Indic - just having the tools will not suffice. We
need to teach people how to use them. Video lectures, PDF's, ebooks of all
sorts let's make it happen.

5. Silicon India - a open silicon platform (read IP), for lost cost systems
design. Difficult but possible. let's say we at least do a small FPGA based
simulation over the next two weeks. Let's call it Project Bharat - on the
lines of Project America aka PPC.

6. HMI tools for Indic - speech recognition, text-to-speech, OCR and the
whole battalion that's available for English. Other high-end tools like PVM,
MPI, OpenMP, robotics etc. interfaced for Indic.

7. An IT company in every hut - Let's make ICT a cottage industry in India.

Can we not, and, shall we not?

Please spread this message around, yell, shout, post, re-post, modify it as
you like (under the constraints of decency though) -

This 15th August, of the year 2007 of the Christian era, as India turns 60
let us strive to make Information and Communication technologies a cottage

Regards and Jai Hind,
Mobile: 09860700184

Knowlege is power... share it equitably!

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