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Fri May 19 11:11:10 IST 2006

On 5/19/06, malovika roy <malovika at gmail.com> wrote:
> we keep hearing about projects like mentioned by Kush below done by various
> organisations. But these are isolated cases. what is slowing down the impact
> of open source in e-governance especially, is the lack of coordination and
> sharing of knowledge. Its ironic actually. to some extent there is
> coordiantion, but then why arent successful projects shared or talked about
> in forums like this one? will someone from Pune LUG tell us what they have
> done for e-governance? Likewise will someone from Bangalore LUG share their
> knowledge with Delhi LUG?

There have been attempts like the little league


> I am not implying that there is no sharing at all,
> there is, however, how many of them are working on e-governance projects?
> there is nothing to quantify this fact.
> Point is that vaious groups tend to go thru the same cycle of planning and
> working out an e-governance project which can be just cloned and enhanced or
> modified for customised use.
> While Indian developer community is being noticed and praised for its work,
> there is still a big void of contribution to the public sector. And this is
> not just my opinion, but the feeling of most leading companies who are
> continually encouraging student community, and asking for more public sector
> development.
> We would like to know why?
> Malovika.

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