[Fsf-friends] Da Vinci Code of Microsoft

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Thu May 18 21:21:25 IST 2006

"...classified as "Other" in April are recognized as Apache sites running on Linux. Large blocks of Apache sites at Go Daddy have shifted back and forth between Apache and Other since January , due to changes in its bulk hosting service. It uses a front-end system that generates an HTTP redirect with no Server header when a site is first accessed — only once the redirect is followed, or if the site is accessed a second time, does it identify Apache as the server.

The latest shift helps Apache regain 2% market share after a drop of 5.7% last month, when Go Daddy shifted more than 4 million hostnames from Apache to Windows Server 2003. Apache's improvement this month has no effect on Go Daddy's continued hosting of parked domains on Windows Server 2003, which gains 143K hostnames at Go Daddy this month...."

Full story at http://news.netcraft.com/archives/web_server_survey.html

CK Raju,

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