[Fsf-friends] Knowledge commission and open source

Satish Babu satish.inapp@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed May 17 13:21:57 IST 2006

On 5/17/06, Amol Hatwar <amol at hatwar.org> wrote:
> > I had attended the press briefing, and one of the slides in their
> > presentation was on Open Source and open standards. Sam said that the KC
> > was
> > keenly pushing for open source in e-governance projects and is trying to
> > convince the govt. of  adopting open standards. Since the objective is to
> > bring uniformity across nation w.r.t. e-governance projects, it is crucial
> > to have open standards. and the KC didnt rule out re-looking at some
> > existing projects and modifying them.

The following link gives the press relase (in an MS file format) that
explicitly talks about "Open Source":


Then again, the entire site is in ASPX. A case of the left hand not
knowing what the right hand is up to...?


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