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Krishna Pagadala krishnaact@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat May 6 22:42:35 IST 2006

  I wonder. Why use a license with only Attribution requirement? Why not use a share-and-sharealike requirement?
Or better yet why not use the GFDL license?

Sarath Lakshman <sarathlakshman at yahoo.com> wrote: Hi all,
 Today I just went through this month's IT Lokam magazine. I just went through an article on Live CD making. After reading that I noticed that it was an exact malayalam translation of the easier remastering guide written by me :) . It contained my diagrams too. 
 Happy to know that the guide was useful :)
 IT Lokam page No: 26. 
 Look at my guide: http://www.sarathlakshman.info/slides/The%20Live%20CD%20Wrkshop.pdf

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