[Fsf-friends] IT@School

Fri May 5 14:31:51 IST 2006

Hi friends,

  IT at School project from Kerala is moving towards free software in big way.
>From a stage were IT at School allowed free software and non free
software to coexist, now decision is to support only free software. 
Teachers training is now going on in Ernakulam. New version of Debian
CDs will be distributed to schools.

Statistics from IT at School shows that 48.35% of schools conducted exams
in GNU/Linux. Which is a pretty good number considering minimal
training and support given. Note that number of GNU/Linux installation
will be more than 48% as many schools used Windows just for
exams(software used to conduct exam failed in some school). In terms
of numbers GNU/Linux reached 1335 schools out of 2761. Ernakulam is
leading with 98.36% migration followed by Trivandrum (83.33%
migration). Worst situation is in Kollam (9%)

This is definitely going to improve in coming academic year as project
is setting up more facilities for helping schools in moving to free

with regards

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