[Fsf-friends] Public knowledge politics

Nagarjuna G. nagarjun at gnowledge.org
Sat Sep 24 14:19:46 CEST 2005

On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 01:16:30PM -0400, V. Sasi Kumar wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-09-22 at 11:40 +0530, doxa at sancharnet.in wrote:
> > Today's Hindu carries a *story* by Anand Parthasarathy. AP seems to be spreading a message that "vulnerability of Free Software" is easily derived through the reported instances of "vulnerability of Firefox.exe".  
> Anand P has been doing whatever damage he can. Although his
> understanding is very superficial, unfortunately, he commands a lot of
> respect among journalists and lay people.
> > Its a shame that people holding such responsible positions, still carry out such propaganda.
> We need to find ways to give our responses. I have written once or twice
> to the Hindu in response to his articles, but they have been ignored. I
> am at a loss as to what we can do.

Best thing to do is to reply to them, send them to publish, whether
they publish or not, publish them on our website.  this way at least
those who visit our website and search on the web will find our


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