[Fsf-friends] Software Freedom Day

Ramanraj K ramanraj.k@gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 05:57:19 IST 2005

On 9/15/05, Srijit Sreekumar <srijit@gmail.com> wrote:

> ok i admit that i dont know him as well as you do.

"Sneaky bastard" -  Linus is that too in his own words.  Get his quotes at: 

Don't be foolish to imagine that "this is like a certification" and
that others have to declare bankruptcy if they cannot afford to pay
the licence fees Linus is demanding for merely using the word "Linux".

So many people have been quite openly and freely using "Linux" as part
of their names for so many years now: "LinuxForYou" is a magazine
devoted to publishing articles connected with GNU/Linux. There are so
many user groups with "Linux" in their name, and at least one of them
is registered as a Society.  Probably there are other companies too. 
There are umpteen distros that are labelled with "Linux" or
"GNU/Linux" which is the very name of the operating system. uname
returns "Linux" and uname -o returns "GNU/Linux" to identify the
system.  "Linux" is just a generic name that people have been using in
association with the GNU/Linux operating system, with as much freedom
possible without paying tribute.

I am not one of them who knows Linus or even care that much about
"Linux" here - but you now know about it, and so
take care :)

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