[Fsf-friends] Software Freedom Day

Sriram N sriramx_2000@yahoo.com
Mon Sep 12 17:14:36 IST 2005

--- Ramanraj K <ramanraj.k@gmail.com> wrote:

> It struck me that "Software Freedom" may mean several things,
> including the idea that people have the freedom to lawfully acquire
> and use any software they like.  

Could you elaborate or rephrase ? Are you saying that at present people are not
allowed to to acquire and use any software they like ? Such a possibility might
be imagined - for e.g., the govt, or corporate policy might dictate - "Free
software only, no commercial software" or "OSI/FSF approved software only" or
"No GPL/LGPL licensed software - Apache, etc are OK".

> Perhaps, it is this meaning that
> should be higlighted on Software Freedom Day in future, so that it may
> be celebrated by one and all in a spirit of brotherhood.  Recognising
> the freedom to use any software we like would also mean that all have
> a chance to be treated alike, and no person would be criticised for
> his individual choice of software.  

Do you mean to say "We should ensure that we Free Software / Open Source
Software proponents should advocate Free/Open Source software, but at the same
time ensure that we are not caustic in our criticism (or perhaps even critize
at all) when a user still opts for commercial software" ?

> I feel this may become
> increasingly apparent in the days to come.

On what experiences and thoughts do you make this statement ?

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