[Fsf-friends] PHOENIX -Tool for experiments

swathantra software s2s2service@gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 18:14:56 IST 2005

Hello ,

PHOENIX, India's first open access electronic kit for data collection & 
analysis is now commercially available on mail order.
For details of the project please visit (http://www.nsc.res.in). 

The features of PHOENIX

* Low cost system for data collection
* Digital signal input/output & conversion
* Full access to internal design
* Access to source code
* Interface to "Scilab" for data analysis
*GNU/Linux Live bootable CD
* Innovative tool for designing experiments for science/engineering lab

For general article on phoenix visit, 

Those interested in buying the hardware kit may contact S2S2.


S2S2, Kannur, Kerala

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