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Linux New Media Awards 2005
Trend Setters

Linux New Media put together an international jury to recognize
outstanding contributions to Open Source. We'll tell you who brought
home the prizes when the 2005 Linux New Media awards were presented at
Linux World Frankfurt. 

Linux New Media invited an international jury of some 200 members to
acclaim outstanding contributions to free software. Besides developers,
authors, and industry experts, the 2005 jury also included
representatives from public administration, an area in which Open Source
software is steadily gaining momentum.

Trend to VoIP
The award categories reflect current trends. Linux is gaining ground in
new fields such as Internet telephony. The free PBX application,
Asterisk (http://www.asterisk.org), attracted a majority in the new
"Best Voice over IP software" category, followed by Skype,
http://www.skype.com, for many the first program to bring the world of
Internet Protocol-based communication to the home.

Groupware tools that integrate email, address management, and calendar
functions are an essential part of the modern workplace. Open Source
groupware solutions are ousting MS Exchange in many companies. Kolab,
http://kolab.org, came up on top in the "Best Groupware server"
category, followed closely by Open-Xchange, http://www.openexchange.com.

Corporate environments have very specific requirements for Linux
operating systems. More than half the jury agreed that Novell's Suse
products offer the best Enterprise Linux solution. The classic
Enterprise contender, Red Hat, attracted about one third of the votes.

Although industry giant IBM has sold its PC business, it still
consistently uses Linux for servers such as the OpenPower series. The
jurors awarded first prize for the "Most Linux-friendly hardware vendor"
to IBM.

Ubuntu, the Shooting Star

A retrospective of the 2004 Awards clearly shows another trend. Last
year, Ubuntu (http://www.ubuntulinux.org) was a promising newcomer that
took second place in the "Best Newcomer Distribution" category behind
Skole Linux, which is also Debian-based. The trust the jury put in
Ubuntu was not misplaced: Ubuntu, which calls itself "Linux for human
beings," kept to the promised release cycles in 2005, was
well-represented at community events such as Linuxtag, and built up a
considerable following in the course of the year. All of this led to
Ubuntu taking the category of Best Debian Derivative with 43.5 percent
of the votes. A KDE variant of Ubuntu called Kubuntu came in third. 25
percent of the votes went to the popular Live distro Knoppix.

Against the backdrop of the Ubuntu boom, it comes as no surprise that
Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth will take home a personal trophy in
acknowledgment of his entrepreneurial spirit. Mark takes the Special
Award for "Outstanding Contribution to Linux and free Software," not
only for his work with Ubuntu, but also for the commitment he has shown
to many other Open Source projects in his home country, South Africa, as
well as in other parts of the world.

Mark will be sharing the "Outstanding Contribution" award with someone
without whom neither Linux nor any free software would exist: "the
anonymous developer." The jury was really excited by this nomination,
and as a result, a Linux New Media Award for 2005 goes to everyone who
contributes to free software, whether as a volunteer, a full-time
employee, or a part-time contract worker: "the anonymous developer" is
the true heart of the Open Source community.

                  Table 1: Linux New Media Awards 2005
Most Linux-friendly Hardware Vendor
1. IBM 23.5 %
2. HP 16.3 %
3. AMD 11.3 %
Best Groupware Server
1. Kolab 22.2 %
2. OpenXChange 21.5 %
3. OpenGroupware 15.3 %
Best VoIP Software
1. Asterisk 42.4 %
2. Skype 18.8 %
3. Gnomemeeting 15.8 %
Best Debian Derivative
1. Ubuntu 43.5 %
2. Knoppix 23.7 %
3. Kubuntu 9.6 %
Best Enterprise Server Distribution
1. Novell / Suse 53.3 %
2. Red Hat 36.7 %
3. Mandriva 8.3 %
                             Special Award
Outstanding contribution to Linux / Open Source
1. Mark Shuttleworth 12.1 %
1. The anonymous developer 12.1 %
2. nosoftwarepatents.com / Florian Müller 9.6 %
3. City of Munich 8.92 %

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