[Fsf-friends] C-O-D-E-X

Arun M arun@antispam.org
Wed Nov 16 11:36:17 IST 2005


Codex is a network of people, organizations, websites and contents
that share and make visible the idea of free knowledge. Whoever shares
the idea that the society should be built for the benefit of human
beings; that society should provide freedom and justice to every body;
that in the new information and knowledge society every human being
should be allowed to benefit the potential of digital networks can
subscribe Codex reading the following text and sign it up. You can add
to Codex every website that makes visible the potential of the free
knowledge following this link.

Codex Manifesto:

We claim a free knowledge society

We share a common codex: our human nature.
We believe that human being is the central value for the building of
a free, fair and sustainable society.
We believe that human creativity flourishes in a free environment.
Free digital networks empower human beings allowing them to express
their creativity.

On the path towards the information and knowledge society we claim for
the right of every human being
to fully benefit the potential of digital networks.



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