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Frederick Noronha (FN) fred@bytesforall.org
Tue Mar 30 15:04:50 IST 2004

Can we do something to mark this date in Goa and other parts of India? FN

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First Software Freedom Day
August 28, Online

The Software Freedom Day initiative intends to make the world aware of
the existence, availability, and high quality of free and open source
software (FOSS), and to encourage its use by as many people as
It's a global grassroots campaign and anyone can participate. It is up
to the individual teams to choose how to organize their efforts
but the organisers are offering to assist with bulk production of
posters, T-shirts, CDs, etc. FOSS advocacy groups around the world are
invited to become partners in this event.

Knowledge should be shared
I Support PLoS
Public Library of Science

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